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Joe Harris, Gryphon Solo 2
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Joe Harris

Joe grew up sailing on Long Island Sound, being mentored by his father, Woody Harris and his grandfather Hans Rozendaal, both experienced offshore racing sailors. After graduating Brown University in 1981, Joe spent the next seven years as a boat builder in New England during the winters and commercial fisherman in the summers in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Joe sailed offshore frequently in his twenties, racing to Bermuda and delivering boats to and from Europe and the Caribbean, before buying a C&C 40 he named “Shiva.” Joe moved to double-handed sailing aboard Shiva, initially racing with his father, and ultimately sold “Shiva” to purchase the Aerodyname 38 “Gryphon.” Joe sailed in numerous Newport-Bermuda, Marblehead-Halifax and Bermuda 1-2 races aboard Gryphon during the five years he owned the boat.

In 2004, Joe purchased an all-carbon Finot-Conq designed open 50 that he named “GryphonSolo,” which he sold in 2009 after many successful international races. In 2011, he purchased an Akilaria RC 2 Class 40 named “GryphonSolo2,” which he sailed in two more international races.

Joe has logged over 60,000 offshore miles with 5 boats over a span of 30 years. He currently lives in South Hamilton, MA with his wife, Kimberly, and their three children. He is currently preparing for a solo race around the world in “GryphonSolo2.”


Board Member


Mike Hennessy aboard Dragon


Michael Hennessy
Dragon Ocean Racing
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